Sensational Sophomore Takes the Stage


Isabella Gray

Sophomore Gabrielle Hipol rehearsing for Godspell with her fellow cast members.

Isabella Gray, Staffer

It is very common for high schoolers to have activities outside of school. The most common activities are usually sports, but sports aren’t the only hobbies out there. Sophomore Gabrielle Hipol is an actress and has been performing for one year in the state of Florida.

“I wanted to start theatre because ever since I was little I would go see plays and stage performances, and I was in awe when I saw the people on stage singing and dancing,” Gabrielle said. “I remember thinking to myself, ‘I want to be like those people.’ I finally have the confidence to go up on stage and fulfill my childhood dreams.”

Gabrielle performs at an acting studio in Wesley Chapel called The Acting Studio. The Acting Studio does one show per school year with their high school/college class and they work all year to rehearse and put the show together.

Sophomore Gabrielle Hipol performing at the Acting Studio’s Summerstock. (Unknown)


“I haven’t been in many shows but, I did Seussical the Musical back in California, four Summer Stock shows at The Acting Studio, and currently I am performing in Godspell,” Gabrielle said. “My favorite performance I have done is Godspell. The community I am working with makes the experience so much better than any other thing I have done for theatre, and every rehearsal has been an enthusiastic time. Even though currently our show is not done, I can tell it will be a show to remember.”

Gabrielle has been working hard for her role in the Acting Studio’s production of the Tony award-winning musical, Godspell.

“My favorite type of character to play is the sassy type,” Gabrielle said. “I find those roles to be the most fun and out of this world to perform. There are so many ways to portray them, and it is so fun to express an exaggerated attitude. They also tend to play with the audience a lot which I love, it gets the best reactions and I live for making them laugh.”

Gabrielle definitely shows this love of making people laugh when she performs onstage. Her energy just lights up the room.

“What I enjoy most about performing is the people I perform with,” Gabrielle said. “It is like a second family and there is never a dull moment when I am acting with my friends. The community makes me feel like I can be myself and not be ridiculed.”