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Jaylin Fuentes, a freshman wrestler, is competing in a match against a Cypress Creek challenger. She displayed her wrestling talent when she did a turn over to pin the other wrestler. Using this move she won the match, and had a much deserved celebration.

Girls Wrestling

Jack Svendgard, Staffer
February 28, 2024
Jordan Torres (top left), Matthew Molenaar, Nora Ware, Beau Hock, Quawn Green, Evan Burrell, Brock Holmes, Eddie Middlebrooks, Tyler Quinn, Joseph Reilly (Top right), Joey Houk (Top left, second row down),  Justin Dreznes, Cailyn Barnes, Jaenon Hausey, Alex Brown, Matthew Moore, Michael Saffer, Gianluca Felix, Zackary Meyers (top right, second row down), Zachary Witkowski (top left, third row down), JJ Shorts, Bryce Ford, Jonathan Pasquini, Jason Garcia, Laeticia Raad, Micah Harper, Brodie Soltis, Jad Dean, Dominic Tarman(top right, third row down), Jason Leskun (top left, fourth row down) , Ana Paula Da Silva, Leonard Peebles, Patrick Nardi, Janiah Dyer, Isabella Bylund, Carson Brown, Joshua Brown, Tessa Sadlowski (top right, fourth row down), Madison Williamson (top left, fifth row down), Elisha Martinez, Megan Olson, Amanda Rahl, Chase Beetz, Josh Fink, Roman Muniz, Jude Bledsoe, Abigail Culvert, Joseph Kieu, Gabriella Young, Michael Lyons (top right, fifth row down), Taylor Cassels (top left, fifth row down), Adrian Cangas, Claire Mckenzie, Sophia Trias, Adam Spina, Landon Goldstein, Jesse Monalem, Angel Tejada, Lily Hagan, Ava Melvin, Emily Aguirre (top right, fifth row down), Jazmin Gonzalez (top left, sixth row down), Melanie Getek, Alina Diaz, Meiqi Yang, Axel Axel, Rei Winslow, Zara Gonzalez, Isaac Shindore, Victoria Agosto, Valentina Carbonneau, Trenton Robertson (left, sixth row), Yasmine Al-Sheleh (top left, colorgaurd row), Lauren Brown, Jack Svendgard, Katie Phipps, Harper Molenaar, Jayda Thomas (top right), Keely Fink (left, second row), Haylie Chambliss, Miranda Anderson, Christina Onuwa, Natalia Brischetto, Emma Luginbuehl, Arriana Walker (left, second row), McKinley Cassels (bottom left), Ana Sofia Londono, Janelle Fret, Kim Ngo, Laila Desmarais, Leah Aguirre, Lilliana Zayas-Lugo (bottom right)

Fall Band Story

jack svendgard, writer
January 24, 2024
Nora researching about Martin Luther King Jr. to celebrate the holiday. She is excited to learn more about this influential, historical figure. She loves learning more about Martin Luther King Jr. and his historical significance.

MLK Day!

Jack Svendgard, Staffer
January 17, 2024
Elanah taking a picture with her other Sunlake volleyball players. They have come to watch her get signed and cheer her on. All the volleyball players are proud of each others achievements.

Elanah Gets Signed!

jack svendgard, writer
December 4, 2023
Joey and his friend show off their specially made pumpkin. Little does the pumpkin know but it is about to get crushed by Joeys car. This fun activity and more happen very often in car club.

Joey Takes on Car Club!

Jack Svendgard, writer
November 6, 2023

Jayda Serves at Hoco!

Jack Svendgard, Staffer
October 20, 2023
Samantha and a group of her friends taking a picture of a college they are about to tour. She is excited to see the new campus and what it will bring. She is evaluating each school and deciding which one she wants to go to after high school.

The College Tour!

jack svendgard, writer
October 9, 2023
Amelia getting her slip for picture day handed to her. She is preparing for the picture that she will use for the rest of the year. She is stressed but ready for the new school picture.

Picture Day Assignment

jack svendgard, writer
September 29, 2023
Angelina and Maggie out for a bike ride with a side of hurricane.

Hurricane Idalia

Jack Svendgard, Writer
September 11, 2023
Soaring Sophomore!

Soaring Sophomore!

jack svendgard, writer
August 24, 2023
Student getting award during meeting

[Photo] NHS Story

November 29, 2022
FBLA Story

FBLA Story

Jack Svendgard
November 9, 2022
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