Eat, Sleep, Cheer, Repeat!

Jillian Moore, staffer

Freshmen Gracie Agan has many passions, but one she loves most is cheer leading! She loves to cheer because she really enjoys performing. Gracie says, “I have been cheering for about four years now. I wanted to start cheering because it was a way for me to get more involved in my school while still doing parts of something I love, which is dancing!” In cheer, there is a lot of dance incorporated with the routines and dances you have to learn for games and competitions, so that is also something that attracted Gracie to cheer since she loves dancing so much. She was so happy when she made the junior varsity cheer team, especially since she is a freshmen and gets to start her high school years off with being on the cheer team! Gracie stated, “Cheer has definitely taught me how to learn more things and work better with a team.” Gracie said that she does not really see herself doing cheer leading as a job or a career path, but she does see herself continuing to do it in high school just for fun!

Pictured is Gracie before the junior varsity game
Pictured is Gracie cheering at a junior varsity game