Jack Stevenson’s Hobby


Mackenzie Southworth

Jack Stevenson coding.

Mackenzie Southworth, Staffer

Jack Stevenson smiling with his computer. (Mackenzie Southworth)

Jack Stevenson has the interesting hobby of coding and programing, something many people try but few are great at. “I started programing when I was probably five… okay not five, maybe seven-ish. I started with a website called Scratch where, its plot coding, so you can drag and drop different code; very simple stuff and I would definitely recommend if you are starting out programing. After that, I switched over to a program language called Python. I used that for about a year. Python is an easy to learn program language. It’s probably one of the easiest ones because it uses a lot more English than the other programing languages do. It allows much more freedom. About a year into Python I learned about a library with a 3-D engine in Python, and I used that for about a year before deciding to step up my own game. So I switched over to a program language called C-Sharp and the engine I used is called Unity, which is pretty popular. I’m still using it today; I’ve been using it for about three months now.”

In his free time, Jack mostly programs games. “I’ve made about three games so far using Unity.” He plans to use coding somehow in his job in the future and will continue practicing until then!