Her Superbowl Experience


Zoey Jacksons mother

Zoey and her friends posing for picture while watching Superbowl.

Makayla Edwards

Superbowl 56 was last Sunday, February 12th. The ending score was 38 to 35, with the Chiefs winning by just a mere 3 points. For the Superbowl, people cook food and have a Superbowl watch party with both family and friends, which is what freshman Zoey Jackson did. Zoey had a party at her house that her parents hosted with around 30 people total and ”around seven or eight people from the school,” said Zoey. Every year people choose who to support between two teams for the Superbowl. This year, Zoey said, “[I was rooting for] the eagles because my whole family was counting on them to win because they don’t like the chiefs, but we aren’t big fans of either.” When watching the game, many have a lot of aspects they enjoy about the event. “I liked the halftime show the most, Rihanna was amazing, she was really put together and the songs were amazing. Her voice is honestly one of the bests out there and she looked like she was having a lot of fun up there,” stated Zoey. A big thing that a lot of people were looking forward to was the Superbowl halftime performance by Rihanna. Zoey thought that “She’s an amazing singer and more but the dancers were something, it was just really random, but it was still really good.” Overall, she loved the performance given by Rihanna. Having a lot of food is many people’s tradition for the Superbowl; some grill and some order takeout to eat while watching the game. Zoey had all types of food and had a “potluck so everyone brought food when they came in, like cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, salsa and chips and more,” said Zoey. After the Superbowl, Zoey said her and her friends “hung out in my room and blasted music and then went outside and hung out outside for a bit and played volleyball and chased each other around.” Watching the Superbowl with your friends and family is something a lot of people do and everyone has different traditions but for Zoey, this was just some of the stuff she did.