Patrick’s Basketball Future

Gabriela Carrioni, Staffer

Sophomore Patrick McCamic enjoys playing basketball in his free time and he plays for the Sunlake team. Pat has been playing basketball since he was seven years old; “I started in Idaho and continued as I moved to Florida and started taking it serious in 5th grade.” Patrick feels as though basketball has been beneficial to him in many ways. He says, “my favorite thing about basketball is it brings me peace and I don’t have to think about anything when I’m playing. The ball just bounces back up and can’t wake up one day and say it doesn’t like you, it’s like a best friend except it can respond to anything.” In his basketball games, Patrick normally plays two positions; “I play mostly the 2, which is the shooting guard but I also play point guard sometimes.” When asked if he has considered a future in the sport, Patrick said “I definitely see myself at least around basketball in the future. For like 2-5 years of course I’ll be playing but after that I hope to stay around it whether it be coaching or something like that. As for playing professional, I still gotta go to college first so I’m not really focused on that but it’s definitely in mind.” While he feels that simply sticking to the sport for so long is already a heavy accolade, Patrick continues work towards his goals; “a goal I have for this sport is making this AAU team for the summer and most importantly proving people wrong, and making a name for myself whether it be playing, training, coaching, or anything around that. My goal is to show people that anything is possible, like a lot of other greats have already.” Patrick hopes to continue playing basketball and feels that his best decision was getting himself into the sport.