Gym Grind All Day Everyday!


Pictured is Lexy Santiago at the gym

Jillian Moore, staffer

At Sunlake High school, many of our students all share a love for many of the same talents, hobbies, and sports that they do. Sophomore, Lexy Santiago has a very big passion for the gym! Lexy said, “My favorite thing about the gym would have to be slowly seeing myself progress and get better overtime. Staying consistent has also been something that I am really proud of.” Lexy has been going to the gym for about two years now and absolutely loves it. Lexy stated, “I have always been pretty active growing up. I have done many sports like, gymnastics, soccer, cheer, ice skating, track, and cross country. The gym would always either help me with the sport I was in, or help me stay active during the off season.” Lexy’s favorite days at the gym are leg day and back day because she loves working those muscles. Lexy also talked a little bit about her diet and how it has improved since she has been going to the gym, and has made her feel a lot better. She stated, “I have been trying to do my best to have a healthy diet and cut out all the fried and greasy foods.” Lexy’s passion for the gym grows more and more everyday!

Pictured is Lexy Santiago mid rep at the gym