Sophomore Softball

Adia Symmonds, Staffer

Kaylee Fonte pictured in Softball uniform last year playing for her club team.


At Sunlake high school there is a wide range of ages. Between the students they are categorized into 4 grades : freshman, sophomore, junior, and seniors. A student in the sophomore class is Kaylee Fonte that goes by Kay. Kay outside of school partakes in Softball. She had been competing since the age of 7. Her most notable accomplishment she has is “becoming team captain.”  On her club team Kay plays 2nd base which requires quick hands and good glove skills.  In the near future Kay hopes to play college softball and potentially “play professionally one day.” Most families have all partook in the same sports. Parents tend to put there children in the sport they played for there kids to experience the same thing they did. The joy and satisfaction of competing in a sport. With Kay she is “being coached by the same coach as my mom was when she was a kid.” Softball has been in her family and highly valued like many students with sports. Kay is just one example of a student at Sunlake high school who has an athletic hobby.