10 Year Plan: Austin Clark

Jack Lonon, Staffer

Senior Austin Clark is dreaming big! “I want to go to UCF to get a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering and a masters in biomedical,” he said, sharing his goal of wanting to be “on a team that develops new medical prosthetic” at some point during his career. Austin doesn’t want to stay stationary either. “I’ll stay in Florida in college, after that I plan on moving to Dallas, Texas.” Only three hours away from the city that shares his name! As for his family life, he plans “on getting married, and I want 4 kids.” Austin is grateful for his time at Sunlake High School, saying “my high school experience has definitely helped by helping me develop a work ethic and learn the necessary social skills.” Austin’s ideal future in ten years would be “living on a large ranch in Texas, with my wife, the first couple kids, some dogs, with a job that pays enough where I can provide for me and my family, and give them what they need for a happy life.”

Mackenzie Southworth