Isa’s 10-Year Sport Medicine Journey

Samuel Chacon

Mackenzie Southworth

Everybody has or does plan things ahead of time to help oneself or others. By planning, we can identify things that will assist us in achieving our goal and those that will hinder us in achieving it, and work out what needs to be done to overcome them. Having a plan helps us take responsibility for what we do in the future. For example, all adults like to plan things ahead of time to be more organized with many things. But high schoolers start being more dedicated and serious about planning things. It begins with some freshmen planning what they want or need to do by the end of high school. This later continues until senior when that plan has meant the deadline, and on that day, you wonder to yourself what now? The only thing that is left to do is to look back at what you have accomplished and reflect on that for the new plan you create for the future. But the most stressful years of high school are the ones towards the end, where it is your last year to brainstorm what you will do or be in 10 years. We must be disciplined enough to create an outline of what our plan is going to be. Isabella Gonzalez is a senior here at Sunlake high school and she is very dedicated to her 10-year plan to become a doctor in Sports Medicine for any sports team in the future. To do this she will need to get a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, and a master’s in exercise science. Isabella has interned at the University of Tampa with their sports medicine athletic trainer and has applied to multiple colleges to work with a D1 program so she can get the best experiences possible. Isabella says “I think the most can do to help you achieve your goal is always work your hardest in any type of situation and put yourself out there and open to new experiences because that is the only way to learn, I also can attend college and focus on my academics. I can take a gap year or a semester abroad so I can continue my studies, meet a new country and help people.” What also is important about the 10-year plan is what inspired one’s self to create that plan, such as Isabella “I’ve traveled to low-income parts of Peru and saw that there’s help needed and not enough money or people to do it, especially one like Peru which is where I am from to help kids seek opportunities of their own that most didn’t get the chance to.” Seniors always want the best for themselves in 10 years especially Isabella saying “So, I’m looking forward to traveling the world and visiting all of the 50 states in the US, ’cause I’ve already been to 20 of them. I also would love to make lots of money, live by the beach, and own my house, volunteer in many second or third-world countries.” In the end, we have the feeling a sense of accomplishment is an important element in individuals developing positive outcomes over time.