A Baker’s Guide to Happiness

Ella Infanger, Staffer

Yasmine Al-Sheleh

The way to many of our Seahawk’s hearts is food! Baking is a pastime loved by many and it creates some of the most beautiful and decadent desserts. One Sunlake Sophomore found a passion for it, Yasmine Al-Sheleh. She’s been baking since she was seven years old and has learned the tips and tricks to this delicious hobby. Her experience comes from heartfelt memories since she “used to bake with my mom a lot and we would make all kinds of desserts!” Hobbies that bring people together can be the most important and special to our students. Her favorite dessert to bake is cookies as “they are so versatile!” From baking cakes and muffins to birthday cakes, Yasmine has a talent in the kitchen. She shared how baking taught her patience and gratitude. “I love making desserts and bringing them to school! My favorite part of baking is giving my sweets out and seeing people smile!” Yasmine shared. Looking to the future, she aspires to create a blog for her deserts. It will give her a new way to be creative with her desserts and continued on to say “My dream is to open up my own bakery and continue to make others happy!” Yasmine has learned life lessons from this passion and found a joy she can share with others through tasty baked goods.