Learning From the Best


Ben Hock

Sophomore Beau Hock practicing guitar and playing silent night.

Ben Hock, Staffer

Students attend school everyday going from class to class learning about a variety of subjects, but when they get home, what do they do to spend their time away from the classroom? Students fill this time by partaking in their hobbies. Sophomore Beau Hock for instance has been learning the guitar. “I started playing guitar back when I was in sixth grade. My grandfather is the reason I picked up the guitar, he has been playing since he was very young he was taught to play guitar by famous musician Les Paul and now he is passing what he has learned onto me.” He visits his granddad when ever possible to learn new songs and skills, but he also just loves to see his granddad. Beau prefers playing Jazz and Indie rock music. “My bands I mostly listen to are Willis, The Smiths, Yot Club and Stevie Wonder.” When asked why he enjoys playing guitar Beau respond “Well duh it just sounds good.” Beau said: “I plan to continue playing guitar and if it becomes a career that’s just a bonus.” Beau plays a variety of guitars such as Epiphone F body, telecaster, electric guitar, acoustic, 12 string and even bass. Beau loves music, and says, “I don’t plan to stop playing anytime soon.”

Beau learning guitar at his granddads house.