Simple Pleasantries, Feat. Brayden Jawan


Andrew McEntire

Sophomore, Brayden Jawan, holding a work of his choosing Infront of the school mural.

Andrew McEntire, Staffer

People have come to find that you don’t necessarily have to take a subject seriously to enjoy it, you may just simply find it interesting or entertaining, or even fulfilling. The 2D Art class that’s taught by Ms. Hallauer, one of the supervisors and host for the NAHS meetings, is a class where students are able to learn or improve their form of expression of oneself. Students can build off of their skills while also having reliable support behind their work. An example of this is the latest project where a student must create a radial design using little bits and pieces of information about their school lives. Despite the instruction, creative decisions like design, size, font, style, and coloring are all up to the student. Here, Sophomore Brayden Jawan notes, “It’s fine, it looks complicated but when you know how to do it, it’s not.”

He details his artistic experience as a whole by saying, “It’s never like ‘draw anything.’ I don’t really do anything in my free time—Maybe something for fun, like if I’m bored—but that’s it.” Talking about his works, he gathers all that inspire him, pointing to “Music and anything creative, like Pokémon. I listen to rap,” and “I like pink a lot, light pink. Like, lavender.” He goes on to say, quite simply, “I like working with colored pencils, and I like being creative.”

Brayden Jawan, Sophomore, posing with his tablemates in Ms. Hallauer’s class. (Andrew McEntire)

Moving to the actual class itself, Brayden says that it “Depends on what the topic we’re doing for art is, it’s easy. I [sic] just gotta’ turn in work. It’s easy when it’s something fun, but when it’s something you don’t want to do, it’s not.” Wrapping up, he comments on the pleasantries, “I like the teacher; she makes it fun. I like how every day there’s different topics on the board. I like how there’s always something to look at.”