Amelia Passion For The Community


Samuel Chacon

Volunteering is such an important thing to our community. Volunteering is to do something, for other people or for a group, willingly and without being forced or paid to do it. Volunteering gives us a chance to come together with others to work to improve communities or even people. Many people volunteer at shelter homes to help the homeless or even travel around the world for retreats to help the less fortunate. Volunteering gives us the sense that we can make a difference in the world just by helping others and making a massive impact upon their lives. Freshman Amelia Tineo has been volunteering with her mother since she was only 8 years old. Amelia and her mother would go around to help out the homeless by providing food. This little extra effort that Amelia and her mother helped those people also gave them a feeling of purpose. Amelia says, “That was all a great experience because it really made me appreciate everything I have and not take it for granted.” From that day forward Amelia was influenced by her love for helping people so much and any opportunity that she was given she would always take it right there in the spot. Since Amelia came to Sunlake high school, she has joined Key Club so that she could be given more opportunities to work for the community. Amelia loves volunteering at elementary schools in the area such as Bexley and Oakstead. Amelia says “I really love working with kids, it’s one of my strengths because I can get along with any of them and I love seeing their happy faces.” Amelia also has volunteered to be in control of the concessions stands. Amelia looks forward to being able to volunteer in multiple area so that one day she can influence others to do the same and that this world can see a difference on just volunteering.