Creativity Takes Courage


Tebius Harper

Tebius Harper working hard in his AP 2-D art class.

Jack Lonon, Staffer

Tebius Harper, a senior and a student in AP 2-D art, has loved art for as long as he can remember. “I was a very artistic and creative kid growing up. But I believe I started making actual thought-out art in preschool, elementary school,” he said. “The art gene traveled from my dad to me. He used to be a tattoo artist and has actually mentored me a little and given me help in my tattoo journey.” Making art is Tebius’s greatest passion. “Art has never been just a hobby for me. I would like to pursue tattoo artistry in my future as well comic book artistry and writing.”

As for the actual creation of art, between the process and the outcome, Tebius said, “Both, in my opinion, are equally matched, and I enjoy both aspects. To get the art, you have to make it.” One of his favorite outcomes is a piece he made “named ‘The Red Screen of Death.’ It represents how online hate and bullying could negatively affect a person.”

In his AP portfolio, Tebius tackles heavy subjects, delivering his message by creating art pieces with wonderful skill and technique. “My topic for my AP portfolio is ‘My own and other peoples’ personal struggles.’ I wanted to shine a light on what other people are going through as well as what what I am going through by making art that put you in someone else’s shoes. Each piece has a person in it, or the presence of a person in it, as well as a use of bright radiant colors to put focus on pieces and the details in them.”


Tebius Harper’s “The Red Screen of Death” (Tebius Harper)