Green Sunlake!


Emily Hildebrandt recycling in the Sunlake cafeteria.

Daniel Crane, Staffer

There are many ways that students at Sunlake involve themselves with improving the local community. Some may volunteer while others may help out at and around school. A more behind the scenes approach that students may take is the act of recycling.

Senior Emily Hildebrandt is one student at Sunlake who recycles on the regular. “It’s important for the environment” Emily said, explaining “I like to keep everything.” Emily said she recycles by reusing old items and making crafts out of them. “I have made things out of old shirts” Emily said, also explaining that she uses old bottles and other items to make crafts rather than simply throwing the old stuff away. Emily also said that students should do their best to donate old clothing and other items that can be reused.

Simply recycling or using old items to make something new can be a fun and rewarding experience for students to partake in. Donating old items or clothing can make a real difference in both the local community and beyond!

These old bottles can be used to make art, something Emily Hildebrandt enjoys!