The Affects of 2-D Studio Art


Abigail Janiece

Abigail Janiece drawing a masterpiece in 2D studio art.

Leighianajean Lazo, Staffer

Art is a great way to express emotions and various experiences we went through in our lives. Like in Sunlake, we luckily have various art classes to be offered- such as 3D studio art, 2D studio art, and sometimes we have art club. Mainly, students who have a passion to draw with just a pencil and paper or digitally prefer to be in 2D studio art, which doesn’t offer ceramics nor paper crafts, but is still enjoyable amongst students at Sunlake. I had the opportunity to eventually interview one of the people that take 2D studio art who is Abigail Janeice– a senior who is fond of art and its perks. But what made her join the class is the fact that she has “…been in 2-D art for 2 years. Junior year I took 2-D just for fun to explore my talents. I’ve always loved art and the mental space I am in as I do it. Then senior year I jumped to 2-D AP for the extra challenge. It took a bit to get used to the open studio vibe, but eventually it grew on me. A lot of freedom. A lot of opportunities.” Abigail loves the feeling of being able to freely express herself through doing what she loves and creating a safe space to decompress herself. But what the class “…is an investigation where we spend the entire year answering a question we create, over a dozen pieces of work. I’ve loved this journey that it’s taken me on.” 2-D studio art has made Abigail gain experience from the various expeditions that art has taken her. She states, “In this class I truly gone out of my comfort zone and followed wherever my art takes me. Using new mediums and techniques for various places has been diverting.” Why she took this class was because of how “…I have always loved art, it’s in my family. I enjoyed in younger years at school. The best decision I made because this class has given me so much. Between experience, patience, problem solving, and stepping out of my comfort zone. Not to mention the friendships I have made/grown.” Not only does this class help advance her art skills but to also helps her grow and understand herself more by attending this class because how discovers new stuff about her and slowly- developing much more maturity. What Abigail says is her inspiration is “…my daily life actually.” She continues saying how, “I love movies and TV and that helps me create ideas and make new concepts to put into my pieces. Since my question revolves around being lost in fantasy and not moving on in reality; this process help me expand upon my expectations. Abigail loves connecting things together that makes her imagination run wild. She loves the idea of being lost in such a fantasy world and having no concept of reality, which then inspires to create art. She states on dreaming about “…going to college to be a teacher,” and describing her obsession for art “…is [much] more of a side craze that I can pick up whenever. I just love the way art makes me feel. I think if I were to do art full time, I would probably get overwhelmed, and it would lose its purpose for me.” Abigail loves the idea of creating art and how it makes her feel inside, but the downside is that she fears her obsession dying out. That’s why she planned to just take 2D studio art during her high school years to have something to dip her toes into but after she decides to take it as a side project. 

Abigail creating a watercolor drawing in 2D studio art. (Abigail Janiece)