Rihana Concert with a Football Game?


Super Bowl

Ryan Harris, Staff

Junior Jerzee Philipenko like most of our Seahawks tuned in to watch the biggest game on national television, the Super Bowl. Jerzee told us she celebrated ” the Super Bowl! I went to one of my close friends house and we had a party and played games and so much just having a good time with the group that feels like family”. When asked who she was rooting for she told us “Yes I was rooting for the eagles but most of all I was waiting for the halftime show.” More Americans turned on their TVs to watch the Half Time Show than to watch the game itself. Jerzee was a fan of the Half Time show saying “I absolutely loved it! Her just expressing her life through music amazes me!” As an Eagles fan, Jerzee was waiting and praying for the Eagles to win the game, but as the time ticked down herself and the rest of the country saw that this wasn’t going to happen. Her reaction to this was she said “I felt bummed because I thought that they were gonna win with all the predictions happening etc but I know they gave it their all and that is all that matters .”