Aiden Inge Volunteering


Aiden Inge

Aiden Inge volunteering at Oakstead Elementary.

Mackenzie Southworth, Staffer

Aiden Inge volunteering at Oakstead Elementary. (Aiden Inge)

Many students engaged in their communities, one of which is Junior Aiden Inge, have enjoyed volunteering this past school year. Aiden has been “volunteering at Oakstead Elementary. I helped teachers wrap and deliver shirts for children who ordered them for their respective grade levels. The club that I’m in to help facilitate these opportunities is Key Club, in which you are required to [complete] ten hours of community service a quarter. So far, I have over 70 hours of volunteer work in the club. What I like about volunteering is how much it contributes to the life and time of others. One more thing that a teacher doesn’t have to do is more time for them to work on more important assignments, as well as makes tasks more efficient with more hands to help work.”

Other volunteer opportunities Aiden has participated in this year consist of “working at concessions for Sunlake and Land O Lakes little league sports. I’ve volunteered at Bexley Elementary (same stuff as at Oakstead, just helping out teachers), and I have volunteered at Safety Town to help set up a Christmas event.” He also says that he “will definitely continue to volunteer next year, as I enjoy giving back to the community and helping those around me.”