She throws the 3 strikes to get them out


Ryan Harris

Pitcher Mia Fields at Sunlakes River Ridge game 2/28/23.

Ryan Harris, Staffer

When Junior Mia Fields takes to the mound, she imposes fear in the batter. Mia is notorious for throwing zingers right in the box to cause utter confusion on what just happened to the batter. Mia is no stranger playing softball—she’s been playing “Since I [sic] was seven, so ten years.” For the first part of Mias high school career, she played at Land O’ Lakes High School. She originally went there because “due to the culinary program, I [sic] was choiced into Land O’ Lakes through culinary but it wasn’t what I thought it would be.” So far, Mia has played an amazing season being an incredible batter while being an even better pitcher. Even though the season is fresh, Mia looks back at “the bonds I [sic] have created with the girls on the team, and the overall atmosphere is great.” Something she is personally proud of: “I would say I’ve had a good batting year so far.”

Being a pitcher is one of the most important roles you can play on the field. The spectators either have their eyes on you or the batter and that can rattle your nerves a little. But when Mia is up to pitch, nothing is stopping her from doing her best. “I would say when I am pitching I zone everything out so it doesn’t feel that way, but it makes me want to perform better in general, not just ’cause everyone [is] watching in the moment but for the team. But I also know my teams got my back, so that takes a lot of pressure off.” So far Mia has been a great addition to Sunlakes softball team and is having a great season.