Look Good Feel Good

Gabriela Carrioni, Staffer

Junior Anna Grewe showing off her recently done nails. (Olivia Moore)

When thinking of a hobby, most people limit them to sports, cooking, or some sort of musical instrument. This mindset is flawed however, as hobbies can range on a broad spectrum of enjoyable activities. Junior Anna Grewe loves to get her nails done on a consistent basis. So much so, that she considers it her main hobby. Anna has been getting her nails done for a long time; “I started going to get them done when I was around 8 years old.” Anna feels that going to get her nails done makes her day more productive than it would have been just staying home. She gets them done every two weeks and says, “it makes me happy when my nails look good because I love when I ask for something specific and the outcome is how I imagined it.” Anna likes to get all kinds of different colors, and even likes to get some themed nails based on the season or holiday at the time. When asked what her favorite part of getting her nails done was, Anna had two answers. She said, “my favorite part is when they massage my hands with lotion. It’s really relaxing and makes my day,” and she also said, “I love how it makes me feel organized to have my nails done and makes me feel more stablished as a person.” Anna wants to continue to get her nails done as long as possible because she loves it so much.