Seahawks Soar in Civil Air Patrol


Alexis Hopper, Editor

One of many programs offered at Sunlake is Civil Air Patrol, which draws in students interested in both the military and in aviation. One of these students is Sophomore Christopher Claudio, who joined the program because “my father was in the Army, which pushed me towards a military career. I also always loved aviation growing up, so I figured ‘why not put the two together.'”

His favorite thing in the program is “Being able to lead my cadets. I’m the cadet commander which gives me the opportunity to be at the helm of a squadron of about 20 amazing people. I love being able to help them and be a part of how they turn out in the future.” However, his least favorite is “Probably the paperwork involved in keeping the squadron going.”

Some of his favorite memories come from “the color guard presentations we did during football season. Before each game we just spent time together as a team and bonded a lot. That camaraderie helped build up a relationship that helps us work together perfectly.”

In the future, he plans to use “my experiences in the cadet program to earn my commission as an officer in the U.S. Air Force. My experiences within CAP can help me get into ROTC programs and the military academies. This program is also helping me advance my leadership abilities and knowledge of aviation, both of which are necessities for a career in the Air Force.”