Balancing Act – Jacob Diokas


Photo by: Kate Haskell from Gainesville USA

“I will proably go to college. I haven’t really focused on where yet, but probaly UF since thats where my parents went.”

Eli Infanger, Staffer

Academic Life: In The Life of Sunlake High School

Hello I am Eli Infanger for the Sunlake Yearbook and I interviewed Jacob Diokas, a fellow student at Sunlake High School for the school newspaper. I had a few questions for him due to his academic superiority snd his ability to stay focused during all periods of the day at school and at home. Question 1 was “Why are you trying to do so well in school?” he answered with “I want my GPA to stay up and for it to look good on college applications when I apply.” I took that into consideration, because it shows how useful a strong education really is. A very successful job can lead to a very successful and constant income, whilst not having one can lead to certain spikes in income. Second, I asked him “What are your plans for after college? If you want to go to college, which one do you want to go to the most?” He answered with, “I probably will go to college. I haven’t given much thought to where yet, but most likely The University of Florida

Jacob working hard to keep his grades up (Photo by: Eli Infanger)

since that’s where my parents went.” Going to college can be a big step in your life, and one that is needed as well. Thirdly, I asked “Do you have any set careers you would like to achieve? He claimed, “I would like to get into the field of Marine Biology, but also Law is starting to grow on me.” This is another hard choice to make after high school. I mean, this decision is what you will be doing for most of your life, so pick something that you really enjoy. As Marc Anthony said, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”  Next, I asked him ” Do you have a job? If so, does it counteract your schoolwork? He replied with, “No actually. I don’t have a job yet, but I have applied to multiple places over the past week.”

 “I wouldn’t think that a job would counteract with my schoolwork, just because I would have my priority be schoolwork over anything.”

Every student at this school should follow this rule, at least in my eyes, because schooling is so important for future careers, families, and choices. After that, I asked him “Are you taking any AP classes? If so, how do those differ from normal or honors classes?” He responded with “Yes I am taking 2 AP classes, which include AP US History and AP Environmental History. I really enjoy them and the teachers that they come with.”

 “The difference between AP and honors classes is huge. The amount of work in the AP classes exceeds most of the honors classes. The lectures in AP classes feel like college classes, but have lots more information and are more well put together. That’s really it for the differences.”

The AP classes also boost your transcript. I have had some AP classes over the years and can agree that they are harder, but also really enjoyable. Finally, I asked him, “How is high school going overall? Do you have any tips for students who may need help with passing their classes?” He answered with, “Its going really good right now man! I love this school and have great teachers and friends. The work can be daunting, but that is a guarantee with high school. As for the tips, theres only really big one, which, like I said before, is to set your priorities. It may seem fine to waste that hour playing Call Of Duty, but then your’e going to sleep at 11 instead of 10, and the hours will always pile up. Call Of Duty will always be there, but passing grades won’t without work.” After he answered the questions, I replied, “Thanks for the interview today Jacob! I hope that lots of people will take these tips and tricks into consideration.” He replied with “No problem! It was my pleasure.”