A Whole New World – Matteo Pastore


Photo by: Joseph Pastore

Matteo filling out a information card for his freshman year

Joseph Pastore , Staffer

Matteo Pastore (Photo by:Joseph Pastore)

High school is a new and scary experience for many but this year is even different especially for freshman Matteo Pastore. This is his first year of high school and as he explained to me, its wilder than anything he’s seen before. After a difficult summer an experience new to everyone unfolds. When asked about how he felt on his first week he responded “I’m nervous because I kept getting lost looking for my classes and I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep up with the work load.”.  High school can seem over whelming to freshman and is to be expected. He also stated, “The school is very crowded and my classes are very accountable.”.  When comparing the beginning of his freshman year to his middle school experience. Everyone probably felt the same way as with new beginnings come new challenges to face. The School seems brand new to most everyone as they have to forget routes they have memorized in order to follow the arrows.  When questioned about his thoughts on the hallway traffic arrows, Matteo responded, “I feel they’re kind of pointless as they make it harder to get to class and not everyone follows them.”.  The new hallway directional arrows make an already unfamiliar landscape into a mysterious labyrinth.  School isn’t all bad and not all of it is new. Matteo has played football since elementary school and joined Sunlake’s team.  He said,  “Its a fun experience and something very exciting to look forward to in these upcoming years of high school.”.  Doing something you know and meeting new people bring some sense of normalcy into a new place.