Twins Stand Together – Lucas and Lugh Wagstaff


Joshua Hadlock

The Wagstaff kids watching Youtube together

Joshua Hadlock, Staffer

The Wagstaff children sitting next to each other (Joshua Hadlock)

People can be born into different types of families. Some are only children, some are fatherless or motherless, and some you have brothers and sisters. Lucas and Lugh Wagstaff have been born into, twins born minutes apart from one another. Asked about what it’s like to live together and how it has affected them. Lugh stated “It’s like you have a friend who’s always in your house and it’s pretty cool, but sometimes that friend is annoying and will yeet you.” and Lucas said “It’s like playing Co-op mode because you never not have this person near you, and you’re constantly playing co-op mode in a video game. It’s like a second player constantly.”

People always love to do stuff together, we are social creatures, and the Twins of course have their activities. Asked what they were, Lucas replied with Minecraft and when asking for a story he said “One time I burned down her house [in Minecraft] and killed her character over and over again,” and Lugh reworded it to “Sibling bullying in Minecraft.” Lugh then added on they like to do puzzles with a story “It was like 11PM and I was doing a puzzle, and Lucas came into my room to tell me something. We ended up hanging out till like 2AM doing the puzzle.”

As expected siblings do have conflicts which break out into fights. Lugh said “[When we were young] We fought a lot, like actual fighting, or yelling at each other or slap sites, but now it’s more like play fights like picking me up and yeeting me because it is funny. Like the other day I kept walking into his room and he picked me up and yeeted me onto my bed” and Lucas chimed in adding “Yeah we don’t fight like we used to.”

Scary things can happen and people might turn to people they know for help, and we asked them has there ever been a scary time where they comforted each other. Lucas replied with “There was a time where we were home alone and everyone was was gone, we comforted each other then. [Lugh] called the Police,” Lugh then clarified “So our parents were out of the house, and when they came back in they were unlocking the door. I thought they were robbers so I called the police.”

With the pandemic that is happening and everyone being on lockdown families have been forced to be closer to one another than ever before. This has brought them closer together. Lucas said their time together was “Chaotic and bonding.” Lugh adding “We have gotten closer over the past few months.” Lucas said “We did a Puzzle and played lots of video games, like Super Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, and Minecraft.”

The loss of a family member is a hard thing to have to go through. Lucas and Lugh lost their mother a few years ago, and they were kind enough to talk about that time. “It was wild, I was just like ‘I’mma just be angry for like 2 years'” and Lugh said “I got sad and I think we kinda drifted apart during that time” Lucas added “We didn’t really talk during that time.”

Of course people will bully other people. According to Lucas he was bullied a bit in Pre-K. Asked them about that and how Lugh responded Lucas said “I would get bullied and [Lugh] would just be like [Bite them], and it was pretty vibin'” and Lugh said “He would be getting bullied and baby Lugh would be like “I don’t like this” and bite the bullies.”

“People act like Siblinghood is the best thing in the world or the worst thing in the world, but it’s more medium. It’s like everything else. Sometimes there are highs and lows, it depends on the day”