Out With The Old, In With The New – Jordan Young


Photo by Jordan Young

Jordan soaking in the warm summer air !

Lily Beaudin, Staffer

Summer is always a good time to take advantage of new ideas for change. Whether it is change in your appearance, mind set, or routines that we’ve gotten use to. Senior, Jordan Young, shared a little bit about how this summer has changed her and her perception of things.

Jordan says, ” Summer helped form me into who I am because I had so many opportunities to practice my craft and really find who I am.” I feel like many of the students all over the world can relate to this, when you haven’t been around people or done the things that you’re use to, it is easy to pick up new hobbies. For most seniors this may have been one of the most prime summers, one that they’d want to remember for the rest of their lives.

Jordan enjoying the lovely summer sunset. (Photo By: Jordan Young)

As summer came, Jordan found some of her favorite, new trends. When asked what her favorite new trends were, Jordan responded with, ” Sweatshirts with skirts and crystal necklaces.” All of which she has carried over past summer and into the new school year.

One of her hobbies is theatre, which includes one-on-one connections and a lot of communication. “It amazes me how the show must go on!” She says. “Theatre has changed a lot, considering I have seen shows with masks and socially distanced seats.” This was obviously a huge difference than what we are all used to, having to find a way to do the activities we love, while keeping safe. Although it was hard to accomplish this, Jordan kept a positive attitude, and “The show must go on”, is the mind set we should use moving forward for the rest of the year!

To me, summer has always been like a fresh and brand new start. It acts as a chance to change things up a bit and find the things that you are passionate about. Changes over summer allow you to be prepared for the new school year and help you keep a positive mind set.