Small Hours, Big Lessons – Noah Lane

Small Hours, Big Lessons - Noah Lane

Aidan Neal, Staffer

After a long summer break a lot of kids are looking to get a job and find a steady source of income so they can have money to spend. This includes people like Sunlake senior Noah Lane who just recently started working “at Main event Entertainment as a Game Attendant.”

Noah dressed for work and ready to take on the world! (Photo By: Noah Lane)

With this type of job Noah says that he “usually works around 23 hours a week due to minor age working laws.” Even with these short hours he says “I personally love my job, mainly because of my coworkers and the environment. Noah said before this his job was to restock shelves at 7/11. He didn’t like the job so he quickly quit it and got the job at Main Event. He added that he “gets paid 10 dollars per hour so I’m pretty happy with my pay seeing that I had a nearly 2 dollar pay increase from my last job.” For a high school student being able to make more than two hundred dollars a week is great. Most students are trying to get money to pay for things like a car and all of the other expenses that come along with it so being able to make any money at this time, especially with the lack of job openings due to COVID, it’s a great thing.

“I think getting a job in high school is a very smart thing, I believe it teaches you team work and how to work under pressure which will be very valuable down the line.”

Noah has major plans for his future,”I want to stay at this job until I go to the Military after high school…” He also adds, “My dream job is to be a high ranking in the U.S. Navy.” It is always best to have a set way to make money while waiting to have the chance to get your dream job and follow your career plan.