COVID Summer Blues, Not Realy – Logan Martinez


Logan on his way to the beach

Madison Haynes, Staffer

Logan hanging out with his friend during the summer.

Logan is a senior that goes to Sunlake High School. He is a hard working student and very involved with school. Logan said this school year for him even dealing with COVID and having to wear a mask hasn’t been too bad for him. So then I asked Logan a few questions about how his summer was. I asked Logan how his summer was dealing with COVID and he responded saying, “overall my summer was good even with COVID being around”. I then asked him what was something new he might have tried over the summer. He stated that, “I made a goal for myself to go to the gym everyday and I still do”. According to making goals, “gives you long term vision and short term motivation”. Something fun Logan spent most of his time doing was, “Going to the beach almost every week”. Over the summer Logan states that he “got a job at Publix” which he said is great because he got to make money for himself. The only down side was having to wear a mask the whole time but he said he has gotten used to it. Getting a job helped keep Logan occupied during the weekends so he would never be bored. One thing Logan said he wanted to do this summer but couldn’t was, “stay at the beach and in a hotel”, but due to COVID he wasn’t able too. Because of COVID many peoples plans have been canceled including Logan’s. Even with COVID going one he didn’t let that ruin his summer. I asked Logan how his summer was different from the previous summers he had. He said, “This summer was different because I could not do everything I wanted to do because of COVID”.