Driving is Empowering – Will Smith


Will with his new Jeep

Madison Haynes, Staffer

Will Smith is a sophomore at Sunlake High School that has his license. asked Will if it was challenging to get his license, he said he, “had to find a place that would let me take it with short notice. I didn’t know you would have to make an appointment because of COVID”. Normally when you go to get your license you can just walk in but because of COVID we now must set appointments to get your license. I asked Will when he got his license because some people will get it right on their birthday while others may get it a few days later. Will said he, “got his license the day after my birthday. I didn’t think they do driving test on weekends”. Everyone feels a different way when they start driving so, I asked him how he feels being able to drive alone. Will stated, “I feel like a bird, but also like a rhino because if I hit something, it’s going to break”. I then asked him if he was ever nervous to drive on his own and he said commented, “I was nervous to drive alone because if I got in trouble, then I couldn’t blame it on my mom or dad”. With COVID going on I asked if he takes any precautions when getting into his car. Will stated, “ I keep a couple extra masks in the car just in case I forgot to bring one or if one of my friends doesn’t bring one when we are going out to get food and it’s required”. The last question I asked Will was what his favorite part about being able to drive alone is. Will then said, “It’s totally a new feeling to just be able to leave at any time, everything just seems so much closer and you are able to go see your friends more often. It makes it a little easier than having to ask for rides all the time”.