In the Eyes of the Car Owner


Coby Lewellen

Andres showing off his busted bumper !

Lily Beaudin, Staffer

Andres leaving the parking lot after school. (Coby Lewellen )

Andres Portillo, a senior at Sunlake this year, recently shared about his car. Although having a car comes with major responsibilities, it can also be a very freeing and fun thing. Andres says “My favorite thing about my car is the broken front bumper.” To some people, a broken bumper may not seem like something to love about your car, but Andres sees it in a different way. “It was already broken when I got the car, but it gives my car a story whenever I’m asked about it.” This just goes to show how we should handle negative things that happen in life. We look at the negatives, and find the positives in them, just like how Andres has the satisfaction of telling the backstory. “Every time someone new sees my car, they immediately thinks I crashed into something already, which is always funny.”

Along with the broken bumper being one of his favorite memories associated with his car, Andres also shared a road trip in it. “A special memory I have with my car is driving it down with my brother from North Carolina.” Road trips are just one of many perks that comes with owning car, especially if it is with friends or even family. “On the way down,” says Andres, ” My brother and I got to spend time together, which we don’t get to do as much since he moved out of the house.” Spending time with family in the car is a great way to bond, you can play games or scream songs at the top of your lungs.

A brand new car is something any teenager would look forward to, a hand-me-down car is even better. When a car gets passed down from a family member, it holds a lot of sentimental value. “One bright side of getting my sister’s old car is that it is paid off.” Along with getting a car comes a lot of stressful responsibilities, gas and insurance might sound confusing at first but once you get the hang of it, it is not so bad. ” I have realized pretty quickly how expensive they are. Having to pay for insurance, gas and repairs can be a handful at first, but it is all apart of growing up and becoming an adult!