This is not what we wanted!!


2020 homecoming in canceled due to covid-19.

Jordan Bragg, Student

Since Covid started for us in early 2020, students in school have been missing out on a lot of stuff. Most of all, the freshman are the ones missing so much. When you are a freshman in high-school, it’s a start of a new school, a new chapter of your life, and covid is taking that away from us. I am a freshman, and in 8th grade I was looking forward to so many things, like homecoming, spirit week and more. Covid is taking a turn and it is affecting us in ways, different from being stuck in the house or trying to protect yourself or your family and friends from the virus. 

Homecoming is such important thing in freshman year and we didn’t get to have it because of the amount of people that would be in one place at once during the dance. I was so excited to search for a dress for homecoming, to dance with my friends, and overall, have fun, but corona took that fun away. Even though Covid is a very serious thing in the world today, it still would have been enjoyable to have fun.  

Many of my friends and I all wanted to go together and look for a dress for homecoming. We wanted to spend all of our parent’s money to find the perfect dress. We wanted to have a nice fancy dinner before the dance with all of our friends and dates and we all wanted to walk in the cafeteria where the dance would be and have the best night of our lives. But that didn’t happen, at least we have next year, unless Covid doesn’t go away. 

Usually during the week of Homecoming, we have spirit week. A week where we have a set schedule or fun things to dress up as. We could be dressing as cowboys, alien’s, esc. Yes, we did have spirit week this year, but it wasn’t as fun because we didn’t have the homecoming that Saturday, so it took the joy out of it. I will say, people did dress up and have fun, But the ones that were upset and wishing Covid never came, was freshman.  

Overall, Covid-19 has repeatedly ruined freshman year for all of us. We didn’t get the things that we were looking forward to do for our first year of high-school, and high-school is a big thing in a teenager’s life. We still have months of school left, and you never know we might get a homecoming at the end of the year, but it just wouldn’t be the same.