A Knightly Cause


Katelyn Madley

Laeticia Raad shows off her school spirit by dressing as a knight for Sunlake High Schools Class Day.

Katelyn Madley, Editor

Junior Laeticia Raad is showing off her school spirit by dressing up as a knight for Class Day. She said her inspiration for the costume came from “Pinterest” and that she loved the theme, as she found it “original that we have a class and social hierarchy.” This “social hierarchy” between the different classes placed the seniors as royalty, the juniors as knights, the sophomores as jesters and the freshman as peasants. Laeticia also noted that the sophomores “had the funniest outfits, but Senior Class takes the cake.” Senior Class is notorious for coming together to all dress up for spirit weeks. However, Class Day is just one of several dress up days and she’s put a lot of effort into all of her costumes for the week. “I’ve done the most prep for Celebrity Day so I guess I’m most excited for that.”