See Our Seahawks Soar


Katelyn Madley

Jayda Thomas performs a portion of the Color Guards show, Monopoly.

Katelyn Madley, Editor

Last Friday, our Seahawks that are a part of Soaring Sound took the field to perform–for the first time ever–their fall show. Our Soaring Sound consists of the Sunlake band and color guard. Sophomore Jayda Thomas is part of this years color guard. She decided to join back in middle school because she has “always loved to dance,” and in the few years she has been in color guard, she has “grown to love the sport.” Jayda says a typical Friday night before a football game, the guard plays “some music” and gets “hype before the game starts.” Her favorite part of the whole experience, however, “is the new people” that have joined the team and “the bonds [she has] grown with the new people this year.”

Every year, the Soaring Sound has a theme for their fall show. “The theme for this years show is Monopoly,” she says. “I believe the theme was chosen to get the guard out of our comfort zones. We’ve never really done a show about greed before.”

Though the guard does not have any specific leadership positions, Jayda likes to “give [her] teammates the impression that [she is] a good source of information in whatever they need help with.” She also keeps in contact with her coach who informs her “about anything that concerns the team.”

The outcome of the Homecoming game was disappointing for most–including Jayda. She said that although she “was a little disappointed that the football team lost the Homecoming game… it was a good fight and a very close win. Considering the circumstances that happened that week, I know the football team worked hard and fought hard.”