Mister 305 Times Five


Jack Lonon, Staffer

On Celebrity Day during spirit week, senior Amanda Chin and their friends Anna Lu, Samantha Wallack, Alina Martin, and Abigail Asaro all dressed up as Pitbull! While most of the group opted for the classic black suit, Amanda decided to wear a maid outfit with a bald cap and aviator sunglasses inspired by Pitbull cosplayers they saw at a convention. “Since I’m in student council, I was decorating the gym for homecoming in the Pitbull maid outfit. It was really funny!” said Amanda. “I think Sammy is the most like Mr. Worldwide. You know, she has the most Pitbull vibes,” they joked. “My favorite part of celebrity day was seeing all the costumes, especially other people who dressed up as Pitbull. I just love spirit week, because it’s always so fun and creative.”