Homecoming Student Interview

Jack Svendgard, Writer

Each year at Sunlake High School, Homecoming is a renowned, set-up event where the whole school comes together to celebrate and have fun, this year being no different. Moreover, this year the dance was set in the gym, which made some skeptical as they thought it wouldn’t be as good of a setting as last year’s Mosi, but as Junior William Smith stated, “The gym was very good this year, they did a very good job,” also stating that his favorite thing at the dance was the “Fog machine,” which helped the vibe and setting of the overall dance. Another part of the dance was the music, where in which the school got a DJ to help keep the party going all night, but some, including Will, felt, “The DJ kept playing songs people didn’t know, so there were awkward gaps.” Furthermore, on the more calm side of the night, the school provided a wide variety of food to the whole class, and what seems to have been the hot commodity of all the edible items was the chicken tenders as people said, “keep the Chicken nuggets!” referring to what they should keep at next years dance. All in all the hype of the dance seemed spectacular with both the combination of the music, food, and dance, as people “loved being in the middle of dance circles,” and said HOCO was an “absolute blast,” showing a general positive outtake of the night. Lastly, Will stated, “It was much better (than last year’s dance) and, it’s only been improving,” just showing how each year Sunlake High School’s Homecoming dance gets better and better.