The Homecoming Dance

An Exciting Event to Remember


Isabella Gray, Staffer

The Homecoming dance is a part of the year that many students eagerly look forward to. Like many students, junior Gabriela Carrioni attended Homecoming with a group of friends. This year’s Homecoming dance was much different than last year’s as the dance was hosted in the school’s gym. “I went to last year’s Homecoming, but it wasn’t the school sponsored Homecoming, it was the one they did at MOSI,” Gabriela said. “I still thought it was pretty fun even though it was at school this year.” The Homecoming dance is an event that students across the school enjoy. “I like Homecoming because I think it’s like a way to have fun with my friends,” she said. Gabriela went to the dance with friends and like many students ate afterwards. “We went to IHOP,” she said. “We were there for a while with a big group of friends.” Overall, this year’s Homecoming dance definitely didn’t disappoint. It will continue to be an event that students will look forward to in their high school experience.