Rockin’ Out at Hoco

Noah Sagnip, staff

Sunlake Homecoming 2022 was one night to remember. Students of all grades attended the homecoming dance at Sunlake’s gym. Decorated with sparkles, medieval themed props, and a custom dj booth, Homecoming was a blast for all students – especially Junior Zack Phillips. When asked about his experience of the dance, he said, “It was really exciting to be with all of my friends and dance with them.” He also enjoyed the dj, “It was really cool on how they had the dj facing the crowd and the dj playing good songs.” This year marks Zack’s 3rd homecoming and he believed it was a great one. “Sunlake always finds a way to make HOCO better every year, they provided us with more space. I’d say this HOCO was better and way different from last year.” Just like Zack, many students that attended Homecoming had a blast and a night to remember.