Kaitlin Doran Soon to Take Off


Toby Somerville, Staffer

Senior Kaitlin Doran (right) says, “I loved performing in the skit this year and I had so much fun. I hadn’t done it before this year but I’m really glad I did because I had a great time with everyone.”  After performing the senior skit and joining the other seniors, she says that “…it felt strange that we were really done. Years of watching other classes and waiting for our turn felt like it came so fast and just like that we were finished.” Some of Kaitlin’s favorite teachers during high school have been Mrs. Cullison, Mrs. O’Nolan, and Mr. Taylor. She says “I have loved all of their classes and learned a lot from each of them. They are all very supportive and encouraging, and have great teaching styles that helped me succeed in their classes as well as others.” Kaitlin says that “…leaving high school is bittersweet because while I’m sad to leave all of my friends and the place I’ve become so familiar with, I know the next chapter will be even better than this one.” She hopes to go to the University of Florida after high school to study nursing and one day be an oncology nurse.