Regionals at Stake?


Koen Devenny, Staffer

The final home game of the girls’ volleyball season against the wiregrass bulls was held October 11th in a neck-to-neck battle throughout the three games, with the Seahawks coming out on top. The second game was so close, that it lasted an extra 6 rounds, ending with a score of 29-31, Seahawks. Number 14, a freshman at Sunlake, Sofia Sierra, says, “this was a very important game for us because it gave us 100% Guarantee into regionals.” The volleyball teams success this year does not come without a great bond between not only the players but also the coaches when Sofia was asked about this she said “I feel like Sunlake’s volleyball program is truly one of a kind, and it feels like not only a true team but a family of a sort.” Even though the Seahawks were victorious that night they’re were still mistakes made; Sofia said, “ I think that we overall played well but we need to work on specific skills more and acting well as playing like a team.” After a long battle in this important game, the Seahawks varsity Volleyball team will be moving on to Regionals for now and then states. But this will not come without hard work and training too improve our mistakes.