Diversity Club: All Are Welcome


Ben Hock

Alex runs the diversity club along with the help of Kayla and Tyler. Alex is holding the unicorn passed around during “tea time” On the left is Kayla Rodriguez, on the right is Tyler Hess and in the middle is Alex Rhein.

Ben Hock, Staffer

The Diversity club offers a welcoming and accepting atmosphere where all are welcome. The Diversity club meets every Wednesday after school in Mr. Aguiar’s room, where they discuss and educate on matters of gender and sexual orientation. The club is run by junior Alex Rhein, who described the club’s average weekly activities, “Every week we do an educational presentation in the beginning, and then we do kind of a break to go and talk to each other, to have this sort of social aspect. And then we do some activities. It’s mainly up for vote, but mainly people vote for what we call tea time, where we stand in a circle with a unicorn, and we pass it around and people get to tell their most interesting stories so far.” This week the club gave a presentation on representation in media such as tv shows including The Owl House, Steven Universe and Dead End. The members of the club were engaged in the slides being presented and would ask questions or give comments on the subjects discussed. Tea time” is many of the club members’ favorite part. Alex had this to say, “We really do hear some interesting stories then; I think people really enjoy that a lot. It kind of piques their interest and gets them excited. 

Andrew McEntire, a junior drawing a character on the board during one of the club’s breaks.