The Band Comes Marching In


Katheryn Miles

Marshall Garoutte, a senior in Sunlake’s Soaring Sound, plays electric guitar along with the other percussion and guitar players. One thing he likes about the show this year is how it “has a lot of guitar parts and all of the little features for each section are very well written.”

Toby Somerville, Staffer

Senior Marshall Garoutte says, “[the] first time I was interested in band was sophomore year, [when] the directors approached me on possibly playing guitar for my junior year.” Marshall says he has made many friends and ” a few people who I would consider some of my closest friends from band.” The person who helped him become a better player is Blake Smith, who graduated in 2022. Marshall says, “I really owe him for pushing me to be better and for being someone for me to look up to.” Marshall doesn’t think he will continue with band in college because he won’t have the time to pursue music the way he wants to. One thing he looks forward to at games and competitions is “performing for people and expressing myself through music.” Some of Marshall’s favorite band memories are “the moments when we can sit down and see each other as people and not as bandmates… and when we can laugh and have fun.” The furthest he has gone in past competitions was to Daytona beach for indoor percussion, and this year for percussion the group is probably going to Dayton, Ohio. Whenever Marshall walks onto the field to perform, he feels calm and collected to play in this year’s Monopoly show.

Senior Marshall Garoutte loves to play guitar for the Sunlake Band for football games and competitions. When he steps onto the field to perform, he says “I feel calm, collected, almost clear of mind and in a great mood.”