FBLA Story

Jack Svendgard

The Future Business Leaders of America Club is a society where all those hoping to eventually travel into and explore the career of business attend. All the young, bright minds meet there ever so often to talk and engage in activities that set up real-world scenarios where business aspects would be used. They learn, explore, and most of all have fun at the meetings provided. A Sophomore in the club named Nora Ware, who also won the FBLA Outstanding member award, stated that the club’s overall environment is, ” Quite inclusive, as people of all backgrounds and passions collectively join together to collaborate in business-related activities.” She also explained that FBLA, “Teaches people the importance of formality and how it can act as a catalyst to one’s growth as a business leader.” Overall Nora described how the club was an inviting place where you could not only learn new and helpful things but also interact and meet a wide and different variety of fellow peers. The Club is student-run, with a group of students who run and organize everything involved with FBLA in a democratic format where everyone in the club gets at least a little bit of the power. All in All, the FBLA Club at Sunlake is an inviting, fun place for students of all kinds to go enjoy themselves while learning about the world of business.