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Picture of Random Acts of Appreciation in action. Meeting that they gain hours

Samantha Barnes

Picture of Random Acts of Appreciation in action. Meeting that they gain hours

Adia Symmonds, Staffer

Sunlake High School, located in Land O’ Lakes, offers many different clubs. From art and programming to Diversity and Hispanic honor clubs. The school allows people to express themselves within their clubs to project Sunlake honor. Some clubs like Odyssey of The Mind go and compete, while other clubs such as yoga clubs meet just to partake in their activity. Clubs bring a lot of culture and different perspectives to our society. A club offered at Sunlake High School is the Random Acts of Appreciation, where students meet to partake in arts and crafts. One of the many students in this club is Junior Samantha Barnes. She claims that Random Acts of Appreciation is “a fun club where you can come together and do things for your school, your community.” Another plus to this club are the community service hours individuals earn at every meeting. To be precise, 1 hour per meeting. There are many benefits to this club, such as “lifelong friendships, working on arts and crafts, and just having fun” claimed Samantha. Many different students are drawn to this club due to the hours they gain from meetings and the excitement they get while partaking in the club. At the meetings they. Samantha states that the “fun atmosphere, the people are very nice and accommodating” keeps her in the club. Another student in this club is Junior Kate Hoffman, she describes Random Acts of Appreciation as “a service club that aims to recognize members of the community for their hard work.” Similar to the claims made by Samantha Barnes, Kate also states that “the club would be a good way to appreciate those who don’t usually receive appreciation.” They both share the idea of “connections with the community” when it comes to this club. Many clubs at Sunlake have opportunities to connect with your community shown through Random Acts of Appreciation to project the Seahawk badge.

Picture of Junior Samantha Barnes and Junior Kate Hoffman in there club.