Sunlake Highschool Halloween


Makayla Edwards

Andrew McEntire, a junior at Sunlake, dressed up as a showman to celebrate the holiday.

Makayla Edwards, Staffer

Dressing up for Halloween has been something that everyone has always loved. One day of the year the school says we can dress up in our Halloween costumes and this year we had some great costumes from both Andrew McEntire and Janessa Hames who are both juniors. They both had some of the best costumes that I’ve seen in a while. Andrew’s inspiration for dressing is “my brother, he’s a big theater kid. Considering we live in the same house, a little bit of that spilled into me. That and seeing him run around trying to scare people while his non-victims complimented his costumes, gave me that little kick I needed,” said Andrew. Janessa’s inspiration for dressing up today was” just to show some Halloween spirit and make school a little bit more fun.” Now I know you may be thinking if their costumes were so good what did they go as. Andrew went as “no character in particular, I’m supposed to be primarily a showman, but also a card reader.” said Andrew. Now Janessa on the other hand went as a well-known superhero that is loved by the masses “Spider-Man”. Coming up with costume and putting it together just for a school day may seem like a lot of work but for these students they decided to not only to come up with a costume but to make It look good too! Andrew said, I decided to dress as this snazzy character because it not only looks amazing but gave me an excuse to get outdated frilly fancy clothes and a beautiful new card deck.Janessa with another great costume said her reasoning for dressing up was “I really like this character and thought it would be a cool experience.” participating in this activity can really become a great memory for you to look back on in your future years of life. “I absolutely loved the experience of dressing up, I love the confidence of wearing fun costumes, and I love the compliments and interactions with peers and staff. In shorter terms, that iconic high school shenanigans that dressing in costumes entails,” said Andrew.  dressing up in Highschool can be fun too so next year you should dress up too.

Janessa Hames dressed up as Spider-Man Photo taken by: Makayla Edwards