Baker County Football Game



Sunlake takes on Baker County.

Hailey Mayes, Staffer

The Sunlake High School football team takes on Baker County High School this past Friday for our last football game of the year. Our football game theme was Rodeo. We sadly lost but still managed to make some good plays. Junior Alexavier Hairston is on our Sunlake varsity football team. He has been playing football since he was six years old. He currently plays running back and safety. Alexaviers favorite thing about playing on our Sunlake football team is the people he gets to play with and the fun he gets to have with everyone on the team. “It was fun for me to run the ball against a team that is known to be a good school and still do good,” Alexaivers says after being asked how he felt during their game against Baker County. His favorite part of the game was when “one of my [sic] teammates returned a fumble for a touchdown while we were blocking for him.” One of the things he said he would change about that game was, “I wish I had more carries; I would’ve scored.” No matter what the score was at the end of the game, our team still managed to try their hardest on the field.