Fun at FCA!


James Magos

Blaine Rairigh and the rest of the club listening to someone speak in front of everyone.

James Magos, Staffer

There are many clubs at Sunlake High School. Clubs take place right after school, and there are clubs for everyone. Senior Blaine Rairigh participates in the FCA club, which stands for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. “I have been going to FCA since the beginning of the year when it started,” said Blaine. When asked about his favorite aspect of the club, Blane said, “My favorite thing that I like about FCA is when the students speak and when they give a good message especially after a long day of school… It is always good to hear a good message.” Because of these positive messages, the FCA has been able to motivate  student athletes greatly to succeed in their sports. Blake has participated in sports for most of his life, and has found different ways to incorporate Christianity in his activity. “It all started when I was young and played baseball. I had Philippians 4:13 on my bat, and on deck every time I would get ready to swing on deck. And I would read the verse on my bat that I have. And I would read it and it would give me confidence to swing.” Currently, Blake has branched out in his extra curriculars and is looking to try new sports. “I kind of play golf now, I have been playing it for four years and I am going to get into hockey and pickle ball,” Blake said. When asked what FCA means to him, Blaine answered, “FCA means to get with your friends and talk about the Lord and learn about the Lord.” In addition, Blaine state that “It is more fun with your friends instead of more of a church thing because you know your friends very well and the people around you so it is easier to talk and be open with them.” For any Seahawk athletes looking for a comfortable environment and support, FCA might be a good fit and a club to consider joining. To Blake, “FCA is one of the best clubs out there.”


Blaine Rairigh and the rest of the club laughing and and having fun at FCA (James Magos)