What are you thankful for? Feat. Micah Karr


One dashing Micah Karr, junior, posing for the camera.

Andrew McEntire, Staffer

Some may have had adventures in the dreaded outdoors. A few may have found themselves in various virtual realities. Others may have stared at the walls endlessly attempting to discover how exactly cobwebs come into existence.

For the hub of this piece – one BMX pro, chef and partner – the initial is the case. The one who details his existence during our recent week off for the Thanksgiving holiday is none other than Micah Karr, a Junior. He starts by stating, “I was with my dad and cooked Thanksgiving and had a bunch of family over. My girlfriend came over, and that was my Thanksgiving.” continuing, “Oh, I went to the skate park halfway through. I went to her (girlfriend’s) great grandma’s 101st birthday the next day. She was a cool woman, too. It was really sweet because I didn’t even ask. She was just like, ‘well, what are you doing for thanksgiving?’ That’s sweet that she was excited to come over and, randomly, was like, ‘okay, so be at my house tomorrow.’ We didn’t even talk about it; it was just expected.”

A delicious thanksgiving meal, home cooked by Micah Karr.

With further interrogation, he humbly states, “I’m grateful for BMX, my lady, my mama, my sister, and my dad…” Black Friday? “No. I hate shopping.” Now, for those not in the know as to what exactly BMX is, akin to I, Micah meticulously describes it as, “Bicycle motocross. Because it’s basically motocross… But on a bicycle.” Thank you, Micah.

As we often do, an edifying close is in order. However, this one is short, simple, and sweet. Enjoy your breaks. Savor the time you have, whether it be with loved ones or by one’s lonesome. Time relaxing and enjoying what you cherish is time well spent.