Girls Varsity Soccer Takes On Wesley Chapel Team

Hailey Mayes, Staffer

Sunlake girl’s varsity soccer team goes against the girl’s varsity Wesley Chapel team. It was a tough game but they ended up the game tying with a score of 4-4. Junior, Inna Neves has played soccer for surprisingly only 5 years. Inna plays mostly on the left wing in soccer or she played the 7. The thing she loves most about the Sunlake soccer team is “the connection with all the girls and the excitement when playing on a field with all of your best friends.” She loves playing the sport she loves with the people she loves most by her side and having everyone support one another out on the field. When playing against the Wesley Chapel team she states that going into it she felt a little too overconfident but then later in the game when things weren’t going as easily as planned she started to get frustrated with the game. Inna’s favorite part of the game against Wesley Chapel was “when I scored a goal and then danced as my celebration.” During sports games, everyone needs to work together to push and be a better team and to win everyone needs to try and stick together and stay on the positive side of things. While playing in the Wesley Chapel game, Inna thinks the one thing she would’ve changed while playing was “the way we were playing as a team. The team was not fully connected and we were all mentally drained because nothing was going our way.”