Forever Grateful


Frankie Webster

Sophomore Maximus Haines, posing after a big Thanksgiving meal Thursday.


During the months of November and December, there are many holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, the build the season’s reputation for giving. As well as giving, you hear the term “grateful or thankful” during this season. Families take part in Thanksgiving meals and celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas by being around the people they most value.


Sophomore Maximus Haines taking part in, one of his favorite things, golf.

One of the holidays, Thanksgiving is celebrated all over the world by hundreds of millions of people, including Sophomore Maximus Haines. He and his family celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday November 24, 2022 and he states, “I am grateful for my parents and goals and how it’s shaped my life forever.” Maximus, also known as Max, partakes in golf at Sunlake High School and holds himself to a high standard. To better himself as a player, Maz trains at least 5 days a week. Max surrounds himself around family and friends who “are some of the most important things anyone can have.” He believes that “anyone can use the support and have someone that believes in you it really goes a long way.” Max believes in a strong support system that will stay by your side. He is extremely grateful for the people he has with him just as other people would be too. This cheerful, grateful, and thankful season is here, and its here to stay.