Seahawks Battles The Knights


Samuel Chacon

Varsity boys soccer game.

Dylan Ortiz (Samuel Chacon)
Paul Grzerlczy (Samuel Chacon)

Our Boys Varsity soccer team underwent an intense, very close battle against the River Ridge Knights on November 30th at the Nest of our Sunlake Seahawks. Our star player of the night was our midfielder #5 Nikolas Restrepo,who tapped in our winning goal for the night with an overall winning score of 1-0. Our goalkeeper was very focused and kept that defensive for the entire game, saving many attempted goals. Each and one of our seahawks players that night gave it their all against their rivals, the Knights. Some of the players, such as the Striker #11 Vasilios/Will Fotopoulos, stated, “We felt pretty good going into the game with undefeated 6 game winning streak.” Our center defensive midfielder #28 stated, “we knew that this match against our rivals would be hard on, so we knew we had to stay locked in for this match.” However, our CB A.K.A Centre-back #2 had a different input, stating, “I personally felt pretty nervous because we didn’t train as much during the week, however, I did have some hope because of how our teammates come together and our strategies so I was confident in our team putting out the performance we needed that night.” However, some of the players discussed some of their favorite highlights such as Paul stating, “When I heard the whistle blow, I knew we were going to make it to our last champions league game and hopefully make it to states.” Dylan’s favorite moment during the match was when he “flicked the ball over multiple defenders while under pressure.” The boys’ soccer team had to prepare that week for that game and Will wanted to explain what they had done for preparation during the week before that game, stating, “Earlier this week we had what you call a round robin with girls’ soccer team to help get us ready for this game.” As a result, this will lead the boys’ soccer team to advance to the next champion game because of how each teammate knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Also, the communication that most teams don’t have to help them keep their heads straight and focused for the upcoming soccer matches in the future.